October 19th, 2006


Is the economic dynamics of the collective hallucination leading us towards a privatization of the glance?

The Web, in particular in its version 2.0, is an implementation of the strategies of control in the field of writing. The image, at the opposite, is interpretable with more difficulty by the machine and remains a not very accessible territory.

Pattern recognition is a field in full expansion. It constitutes a key technology in the domains of safety, of the management of the rights, of marketing… « Logo.Hallucination » proposes to use technologies of recognition of images in order to detect subliminal forms of logos or emblems, hidden (involuntarily or not) in the visual environment or in the whole of the images of the Internet. The found images will be accessible in a weblog, proposing a comparison between the original on the one hand and, on the other hand, the brand and its logo.

« Logo.Hallucination » lies thus within the scope of Web 2.0 insofar as the raw data (images) are mashed up with additional visual information (the hallucination of the brand) and that their juxtaposition takes part of new economic stakes, pointed here in an ironic way.

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