Da Vinci vs Carrefour

November 24th, 2006
Leonardo da Vinci vs Carrefour   Carrefour

Picture: Leonardo da Vinci, Madonna with a Flower (Madonna Benois)
c. 1478. Oil on canvas transferred from wood, 50 x 32 cm (The Hermitage, St. PetersburgCorporate).
Logo: Carrefour

Da Vinci vs Carrefour

Villepin vs GDF

November 23rd, 2006
Villepin vs GDF GDF

Picture: author unknown
Logo: GDF (Gaz de France)


NB: Dominique de Villepin is the current French prime minister.

Cloaca Maxima vs Microsoft Windows

November 22nd, 2006

Cloaca Maxima vs Microsoft Windows  Microsoft Windows

Picture: LinBow - some rights reserved
Logo: Microsoft Windows

Bad teeth vs Evian

November 21st, 2006

Bad teeth vs Evian Evian

Picture: author unknown
Logo: Evian


US Navy vs Adidas

November 20th, 2006
US Navy vs Adidas   adidas

Picture: jmdagett - some rights reserved
Logo: Adidas

Gustave Courbet vs Corus

November 19th, 2006

Gustave Courbet vs Corus Corus

Picture: Gustave Courbet, L’origine du Monde, c. 1866. Huile sur toile 46 x 55 cm (Musée d’Orsay).
Logo: Corus

Butterfly fish vs AT&T

November 18th, 2006

Butterfly fish vs AT&T AT&T

Picture: Sniffette - some rights reserved
Logo: AT&T

Chains vs Social Security

November 17th, 2006

Chains vs Social Security Cotisation Sécurité Sociale

Picture: .bastian - some rights reserved
Logo: Cotisation Sécurité Sociale

Marilyn vs Coca-Cola

November 16th, 2006
Marilyn Monroe vs Coca-Cola   Coca-Cola

author unknown
Logo: Coca-Cola

Marilyn Monroe vs Coca-Cola

Woman heap vs Citroën

November 15th, 2006

Woman heap vs Citroen  Citroën

Picture: author unknown - found on Google Image Search
Logo: Citroën

NB: although this picture was obviously made to parody Citroen’s logo, it fits quite well on the blog.

Golden Gate vs Cisco

November 14th, 2006

Golden Gate vs Cisco Systems Cisco

Picture: Hans Schnier - some rights reserved
Logo: Cisco Systems 

NB : the Golden Gate Bridge is actually at the origin of Cisco’s logo

G-String vs Mercedes

November 13th, 2006

G-String vs Mercedes  Mercedes

Picture: author unknown
Logo: Mercedes

Pigs vs Aliens

November 12th, 2006
Aliens vs Pigs   Alien Press Comics

Picture: sqsteffens_83 - some rights reserved
Logo: Alien Press Comics

Fish vs Woolmark

November 10th, 2006

Fish vs Woolmark Woolmark

Picture: Nemo’s great uncle - some rights reserved
Logo: Woolmark

Coconut desert vs Mitsubishi

November 10th, 2006

Coconut desert vs Mitsubishi Mitsubishi

Picture: Mr Wabu - some rights reserved
Logo: Mitsubishi

Logo.Hallucination is a project by Christophe Bruno
Head of programming: Valeriu Lacatusu

Is the economic dynamics of the collective hallucination leading us towards a privatization of the glance?

Logo.Hallucination continuously monitors the images circulating on the Internet looking for hidden logos and sends cease and desist mails whenever a copyright violation is detected.

The software based on neural network image recognition was exhibited at the Rencontres Internationales Paris Berlin in November 2006.
Avec le soutien du Dicream, Aide à la production


November 10th, 2006


Every time a hallucination is detected, an email is sent to the owner of the image - if the owner is identified. Here is the standard email:

Madam, Sir,

We inform you that our automated monitoring spiderbot has detected a potential infringement of Intellectual Property Law in the digital image located at the address […]. Indeed this image includes a total or partial representation of the logotype of the brand XXX. Since you are responsible for the diffusion of this image on the Internet, we would like to remind you that such unauthorized use of copyrighted work could be liable for statutory damages. Moreover, it may have violated other US federal laws, including (among others) the Digital Millenium Copyright Act and the Consumer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Accordingly, we hereby suggest that you should contact immediately, and possibly through our agency, the company XXX so that we negotiate with them a friendly contract which would allow a regularization of this situation, according to the following possibilities:

Case 1: You might be financially rewarded by company XXX insofar as this situation constitutes advertising and promotion for the brand XXX. In this case you must explicitly indicate the reference to the company XXX by adding its logo to the aforesaid image and insert a link towards the site of this company.

Case 2: You wish to continue the exploitation and diffusion of your image without mentioning the company and in this case you will have to settle reproduction rights with this company insofar as the latter authorizes you to further exploit and diffuse your image.

If you fail to comply with these requests, the company XXX will have no choice but to proceed in a manner appropriate to protect its valuable intellectual property rights.

Sincerely yours

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